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Our beautiful studio is a relaxing and peaceful haven amongst the city bustle. We offer Yoga, Pilates and Meditation and a range of bodywork.
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Corona Virus Update

Knead Massage & Natural Therapies is committed to ensuring we do the utmost to look after our clients and yoga students during this time.

We have implemented the following measures.

  • We request all clients to wash their hands and use hand sanitiser before and after treatment
  • We have hand sanitiser in the wash rooms, and in every room of the clinic
  • If anyone has symptoms of cold or flu we ask that they not book in with us for two weeks
  • If anyone has been overseas or come into contact with someone who has we request they not book with us for two weeks.
  • We screen all of our new clients
  • Our therapists clean down touchpoints in the clinic such as door handles, benchtops and common areas multiple times per day
  • We clean down the reception desk and phone multiple times a day
  • All therapists wash hands before and after treatment and make use of sanitiser
  • We have reviewed all of our hygiene best practices.
  • Yoga mats are cleaned before and after use
  • Therapists are making use of hand sanitiser on the way to and from work especially if they use public transport

We are committed to providing a professional and high standard of service across both yoga and massage. If you have any questions regarding our measures please contact us. We look forward to seeing you in our clinic soon.

Kind Regards,
The team at Knead

Yoga Brisbane - Knead Yoga has small classes with qualified caring instructors. Decrease pain and tension, create peace and flexibility.

Yoga Brisbane - Do you want to practice Yoga in Brisbane? If so Knead Yoga is the perfect place to start. We have a beautiful studio in the heart of Brisbane CBD with small classes designed by caring and experienced instructors.

Knead Yoga is a part of Knead Massage & Natural Therapies We offer Yoga, Pilates, Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, Acupuncture & Naturopathy. Our space is unique in the CBD providing the opportunity to combine classes and bodywork for maintenance or postural improvement through our Membership Programs or simply enjoy individual classes and Massage appointments.

You can read more about our Myotherapy, Remedial Massage, Pregnancy, Lymphatic Drainage treatments and other Natural Therapies here.

About us

$35 For Two Weeks Unlimited Yoga and Pilates! Starts the day you come to your first class.

You deserve to feel your best

Terms: New clients only. Permanent Brisbane Residents only – proof may be required.


Yoga empowers you to live a more peaceful and vital life by calming the mind, strengthening the body and creating more flexibility. Our modern lifestyle creates stress and fatigue along with pain and tension. Yoga can relieve these issues and bring calmness allowing you to deal with life in a more resilient and productive way. 45 Minute classes mean you can incorporate your practice into your day and our range of classes means everyone from the Beginner to a practiced yogi will find a class for their needs.

Knead Yoga Brisbane

Pilates focuses on strengthening  your core and glutes supporting good posture. Weak core and glute strength especially from prolonged sitting contribute to a range of postural issues including lower back pain, hip and leg tension and sciatica. Excellent as a way to rehabilitate after injury or illness, for postural improvement, improved sport performance or just to improve your confidence and body image.  Pilates will give you a toned tummy and glutes,  help you stay strong in whatever movements you perform.

Pilates at Knead Yoga Brisbane
Corporate Yoga & Massage

Stress, fatigue and anxiety can radically affect productivity, morale, and general health and happiness. With work/life balance becoming increasingly important our Corporate Yoga & Massage options can help support staff health and can be delivered at your workplace or our studio. We can tailor a package to your needs, you can read more about our options on our Corporate page or give us a call to discuss your needs.

Corportate Yoga Brisbane

Happy Customers

Knead yoga is a great inner city studio that caters for all levels with a focus on developing your individual fitness and yoga journey. I travel a lot for work and have found that attending regular yoga classes helps me keep balanced and energised. I highly recommend all the instructors at Knead, they are friendly, approachable and highly experienced.

Jason Thornton

I have found that attending regular yoga classes at Knead has helped with my overall health and wellbeing and improved my flexibility. The teachers are fantastic and the atmosphere they have created is very calming which helps me de-stress from work. I really enjoy the music they play and meeting other yoga students. I would recommend Knead Yoga to anyone looking for a calm and inviting studio.

Julie Hilton

Learning Advisor

Initially I did have some doubts about coming to Knead yoga as I had not done yoga before. However, I found the beginner classes to be exactly the level I needed to start with, it was cost effective and I saw results quickly. I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk on a computer with poor posture so I often had back pain. Since attending regular yoga classes I have noticed a great reduction in my back pain, in fact it has never felt better! Another benefit I’ve noticed is an improved ability to cope with stress. I feel that I have developed better stress control techniques through regular practice. I simply feel better, healthier and calmer.

Chris Lerato


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Knead Yoga Brisbane
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Classes Timetable

We have classes every day with the majority being 45 minutes to allow you to fit them into your day.
Please view our timetable and call us if you need any assistance.

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Our Team

Our team of experienced instructors can help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals. Param has over 28 years of experience as a Yoga Instructor. Liza is an experienced yoga instructor who studied Myotherapy. Geoff is our newest instructor and enjoys creating challenging yet fun classes. Ash is our resident Ashtanga yogi who is deeply dedicated in sharing this traditional practice with others.


Param Satya

Knead Yoga Instructor

I have 28 years experience teaching around the world and have trained many of Brisbane's Yoga Instructors. I want to demonstrate that bodies can change and heal through dedicated practice and we don’t need to age and suffer in the way many people do.


Liza Markova

Knead Yoga Instructor - Bachelor of Musculoskeletal Therapy

I have studied yoga for 11 years and trained in hatha yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation in yoga centres in India, Germany, France and Poland. My most recent study in Myotherapy (Musculoskeletal) Therapy allows me to combine the benefits of my yoga training with an understanding of how to assist with injury and pain.


Geoff Smith

Knead Yoga Instructor

I find the practice of Yoga an exploration into ones own mind through physical movement. It is an opportunity to test oneself mentally and physically while providing a space to observe the irrational thoughts of the mind. It reveals our stories of judgement and comparison and hopefully a time to laugh at this absurdity.


Ash Hope

Knead Yoga Instructor

I had no idea about yoga when I first tried it. At the time I was used to exercising in the gym and running outdoors but when I discovered yoga I instantly felt the difference. I was suffering from back pain, due to an injury from a car accident years earlier and many hours sitting at a desk. Each time after a yoga class I felt vitalised instead of exhausted, my body felt cleansed and my mind much more at ease, content and happy.


Sarah Emmert

Knead Yoga Instructor

I first discovered yoga over 25 years ago in New Zealand, and instantly fell in love with the calmness, sense of strength and stability I gained from the breath centred practise. This connection with breath, body and mind can be used not only during yoga practise but in every aspect of life, taking yoga off the mat. I love passing on that passion and those strategies that have worked for me to help empower and improve the life of others.

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