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Our beautiful studio is a relaxing and peaceful haven amongst the city bustle. We offer Yoga, Pilates and Meditation and a range of bodywork.
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Brisbane yoga classes

Brisbane yoga classes with our experienced team


Param Satya

Principal Yoga Instructor

I have 28 years experience teaching around the world and have trained many of Brisbane's Yoga Instructors. I want to demonstrate that bodies can change and heal through dedicated practice and we don’t need to age and suffer in the way many people do.


Liza Markova

Yoga Instructor and Musculoskeletal Therapist

I have studied yoga for 11 years and trained in hatha yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation in yoga centres in India, Germany, France and Poland. My current study in Musculoskeletal Therapy allows me to combine the benefits of my yoga training with an understanding of how to assist with injury and pain.


Wendy Bruce

Pilates Instructor – Musculoskeletal Therapist, Personal Trainer

I have extensive experience in Matwork, Reformer and small apparatus Pilates and worked as an instructor for 8 years. My knowledge as a personal trainer and Musculoskeletal Therapist allows me to assess exactly what a client needs to achieve their personal strength and fitness goals. I can provide at home programs and MST to support these goals.


Carissa Taramoeroa

Yoga Instructor

Seeing, experiencing and learning how yoga can drastically change you, can heal injuries, improve your health and fitness as well as influence ones mental state has inspired me to share the knowledge I have learned, with others. Yoga for me helps me open my physical body and invites a state of calm to reside.

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