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Our beautiful studio is a relaxing and peaceful haven amongst the city bustle. We offer Yoga, Pilates and Meditation and a range of bodywork.
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Yoga Brisbane CBD

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Yoga Classes Brisbane CBD - An Introduction to Yoga and Yoga Styles

Yoga classes Brisbane CBD, learn yoga the right way with Knead Yoga in the heart of Brisbane CBD. We offer an array of different yoga styles, all taught by experienced instructors.

Yoga comprises a philosophy for living and part of that philosophy is centred around connecting mind and body through controlling the breath and practicing asanas or yoga postures. All Yoga Styles such as Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yoga Nidra (Restorative) etc are derived from the same set of postures. The difference is in how the postures are put together, if there is a set sequence, if the postures are held for a set number of breaths or for longer and longer amounts of time as practice progresses. Also if in the practice of postures props such as blocks, blankets, straps, bolsters and benches are utilised.

What are the styles and which classes are right for me? As you read through the styles keep in mind that as you practice yoga your strength, flexibility, stamina and calmness of mind will improve and change. Some people enjoy taking the same classes, whilst others change over time as their needs and interest change. The classes are designed progressively so as you grow there will be a class to challenge you.

deeper stretch, connection, hatha

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga involves holding postures for 15 – 20 breaths or longer and is perfect for those who want to get deeper into the stretch and explore how their bodies are feeling.
The purpose of this class is to build the mental, emotional and physical faculties. By holding postures for longer periods you start to understand the weaknesses and strengths of your body, you build concentration, patience, focus and stamina.
Hatha brings stillness and allows for a deeper connection between mind and body. Whilst this can be challenging to those who find it difficult to relax and concentrate it also provides benefits that improve life in many areas. You will increase strength, flexibility, improve sleep and feel a sense of control that is often lacking for many.

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unwind, yin yoga

Yin Restorative Yoga

Do you enjoy a deeper stretch followed by some time to rest and unwind? Then this is the class for you.

Yin yoga works on the yin tissues - also known as the connective tissues. Connective tissue responds best to a slow, steady load which is why we hold the poses for longer. If you gently stretch connective tissue by holding a yin pose for a long time in this way, the body will respond by making it a little longer and stronger - which is exactly what you want. Remember, the principle of exercise is to stress the tissue so the body will respond by strengthening it.

Restorative yoga uses blocks, bolsters, and blankets to support the body while softening throughout the practice. Postures in restorative are also held for a longer period while still being kind to the body. Ideal for people who want to clear the head and make space for the things that matter. Leave the class feeling a little bit lighter. A Nourishing, meditative class for everyone. Beginner friendly. All levels welcome.

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Therapeutic Yoga

An Iyengar inspired class using props to help you go deeper in to the postures, while still supporting the body and keeping yourself safe.
By using blocks, belts, bolsters and blankets we take the opportunity to really focus on alignment, and let Yoga's naturally therapeutic nature immerse you. All levels welcome.

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Therapeutic Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga

The Ashtanga yoga method involves synchronised movement with deep breathing and consists of a progressive series of postures (asanas). Its a dynamic practice which will release toxins, improve circulation and create calmness of the mind. We teach Ashtanga yoga in its traditional form, in a flexible Mysore style format with individual attention, hands on adjustments and guidance from a qualified teacher. We are committed to health, wellbeing, and personal growth by making Ashtanga Yoga accessible to all levels of practitioners in a joyful, supportive, and challenging environment. Ashtanga, regularly practiced, builds strength and improves flexibility, preparing you physically and mentally for the challenges of life.

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Our Instructors


Liza Markova

Yoga Instructor and Musculoskeletal Therapist

I have studied yoga for 11 years and trained in hatha yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation in yoga centres in India, Germany, France and Poland. My latest study in Myotherapy Therapy allows me to combine the benefits of my yoga training with an understanding of how to assist with injury and pain.


Kye Cole

Brisbane Yoga Instructor

“Everything we do in life is really about 1 thing: Finding Joy! Joy can only be felt and experienced in the present moment and within the boundaries of our own bodies.”<br /> This is the intention behind each of Kye’s classes. Kye teaches with awareness and alignment, loves challenging students; not in how well they are doing the poses, but in how well they are paying attention to the details of the practice and the details of their bodies. This kind of presence and awareness leads us to a place beyond the body and beyond the mind where a sense of permanent joy can eventually be reached. When circumstances permit, expect to have your savasana accompanied with the melodic sounds of guitar and mantra.


Jaimee Shillitoe

Brisbane Yoga Instructor

“Yoga Asana and meditation is an essential ingredient in surviving the pressures of modern life. Both teach me focus and resilience. They provide me the space and the tools to heal my body, not take life too seriously, and challenge me to be present in each and every moment. My personal practise and ongoing teacher training in the Iyengar method, and daily meditation practice, continues to bring resonance of truth, that we are all one, everything is impermanent, and that the true journey is within.


Ash Hope

Knead Yoga Instructor

I had no idea about yoga when I first tried it. At the time I was used to exercising in the gym and running outdoors but when I discovered yoga I instantly felt the difference. I was suffering from back pain, due to an injury from a car accident years earlier and many hours sitting at a desk. Each time after a yoga class I felt vitalised instead of exhausted, my body felt cleansed and my mind much more at ease, content and happy.


Sarah Emmert

Knead Yoga Instructor

I first discovered yoga over 25 years ago in New Zealand, and instantly fell in love with the calmness, sense of strength and stability I gained from the breath centred practise. This connection with breath, body and mind can be used not only during yoga practise but in every aspect of life, taking yoga off the mat. I love passing on that passion and those strategies that have worked for me to help empower and improve the life of others.

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